Friday, May 20, 2011

Movie Review "JournoList" At Work?

I was glancing at reviews of Disney's new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and noticed something: many of the reviews feature the same words in the headline.


Charlotte Observer.

Chicago Tribune.

Detroit Free Press.

Kansas City Star.

These four did, anyway. Kind of interesting that they all used the same phrase to describe the film, almost as if they all received the same talking points from somewhere...

While I'm on the subject of pirates, imagine how good an HBO series would be that looked at pirates in the same way that Deadwood looked at the Old West. Hell, you could have Ian McShane reprise his Al Swearengen role, but this time yelling Cocksucker! at merchant ship captains and Royal Navy pirate hunters.

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wally said...

Agree about Deadwood/pirates! As for the talking points, headline writers and cable tv faces always seem to independently jump to the same simple-minded, lazy puns, as Jon Stewart demonstrates on a nightly basis. No conspiracy theory needed.