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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Johnny Winter, 1944-2014: R.I.P.

Dead at 70 of undisclosed causes in Zurich, Switzerland. Got to see him once back in the early 1980's during his Alligator Records years, and he was in fact scheduled for a Charlotte appearance later this year. I'll miss him, he was a favorite of mine.

h/t Ann Althouse.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Michael Shea, 1946-2014: R.I.P.

SF/Fantasy novelist Michael Shea has died.

I read his book Nifft the Lean off the coast of Nicaragua onboard USS Richard E. Byrd (DDG-23) in the summer of 1983, as I recall. Great stories. Never did read the sequels, will have to remedy that.

Friday, February 28, 2014

He Ain't Dead Yet

So unzip this bag, you bastards.

A man who woke up in a body bag at a funeral home after being pronounced legally dead in what the coroner described a 'miracle'.

Walter Williams from Lexington, Mississippi, was zipped up in a body bag while funeral home workers prepared to embalm him, but instead they soon found him kicking to get out, according to WAPT.

The coroner suspected that Williams' pacemaker had likely stopped for a brief period and then started up again.

So, of course:

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sad Day

"Ex-supercarrier Forrestal arrives at scrapyard."

They can't all become museums. Mark, sing a song for me, would you?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shirley Temple, 1929-2014: R.I.P.

The child star, beloved by millions during the Depression and WWII, has died at 85.

She was considered for the role of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, but was either busy with other projects or MGM wanted a more adult voice for the musical numbers, which Judy Garland certainly supplied. Temple, though, was closer in age to the little Kansas farmgirl that L. Frank Baum wrote of in his Oz novels.

Here's Temple in a dance routine with Buddy Ebsen (Jed Clampett, Barnaby Jones), who himself was cast for The Wizard of Oz but who had to drop out from an allergic reaction to his makeup as the Tin Man.

What a little cutie she was.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ariel Sharon, 1928-2014: R.I.P.


Well, I guess we'll be treated to video of celebrating Palestinians for the next couple of days.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Don't Tell Chico How To Slice BBQ

Chico takes it personally.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida - Police say a man was killed after being struck in the head Saturday night at his own party. Joshua Andrew Heinz, 31, was hosting a party to watch the NFL playoffs at his house on the Southside. According to police, just before midnight, Heinz entered his kitchen and began arguing with a guest known only as "Chico," about how the BBQ was being cut.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

When They Won't Write the Word, You Know What the Word Is

Looking through my RSS reader this morning, I come across this New York Times story about a shooting at a party in Houston:

Two people were killed and at least 22 others were injured when gunfire broke out late Saturday at what police said was a “massive house party” in a suburb of Houston.

More than 100 people were inside the home in Cypress when the shooting started about 11 p.m. Saturday, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

The injured, including some in critical condition, were taken to five different hospitals, by ambulance and by private vehicle. The police statement described the party guests as “mostly young adults”.

So I then do a Google News search on party shooting Houston. 26,200 results. Let's look at the first page of results:

Los Angeles Times: "Mostly young adults."

NPR (blog): "most of the injured were between 17-and 20-years-old."

Houston Chronicle: "More than 100 people, mostly young adults..." The Chronicle further quotes an "A. Henry" who was in the house. Wonder why they didn't print his first name? Would it have disclosed too much information, perhaps?

A more recent Chronicle story gives more information:

"It was my party," said Mariah Boulden, wrapped in a white sheet and standing on a sidewalk splattered with blood near her front door.

Saturday night, while she had walked out to invite some neighbors to the party, her brother and others continued with pat downs at the front door of her Cypress home. Two men refused to be searched and walked away, she recounted Sunday morning.

From what she's pieced together, the two jumped a neighbor's fence then walked through her back gate.

"They wasn't supposed to be here whoever they was," Boulden, 18, said.

Just as she was walking back to her house, Boulden said she heard gunshots. She ran to the front door, but it was locked. A cousin grabbed her and they ran down the street, calling 911.

"I didn't expect none of this to happen," she said.

If you didn't expect none of this to happen, why did you have your brothers searching partygoers for weapons?

Finally, a story from the local ABC affiliate includes a photograph, even while continuing to refuse to describe the partygoers in detail:

Well, that explains things, doesn't it?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

They Have the Right To Peaceably Assemble...*

...but not the inclination, and one would be tempted to say not the ability, either:

A young man was killed in a brawl involving about 250 people at a New Jersey bowling alley, police said.

Police responded to reports of fighting at the Stelton Lanes in Piscataway, in central New Jersey, at about 1:30 a.m. Saturday, The Star-Ledger of Newark reported. The officers found hundreds of people "involved in a series of fistfights in the parking lot and inside the bowling alley," a police statement said.

Jamount Atkins, 23, of Newark was pronounced dead at a New Brunswick hospital.

Police said most of those involved in the brawl left quickly once officers were on the scene. Officers from neighboring Edison were called in for backup.

*I got the post title from this famous bit by Ron White:

Friday, October 11, 2013

Cal Smith, 1932-2013: R.I.P.

Country-western singer I used to listen to as a teen in Florida on WDVH-AM out of Gainesville:

Calvin Grand Shofner -- known professionally as Cal Smith, and famed for top-charting hits Country Bumpkin, The Lord Knows I'm Drinking and It's Time To Pay the Fiddler -- died Thursday in Branson, Mo., at age 81.

Born in Gans, Okla., Smith grew up in the San Jose, Calif., area, and became a popular disc jockey prior to joining Ernest Tubb's Texas Troubadours as a rhythm guitarist in 1962. Smith worked with Tubb until 1968, when he became a solo performer.

In 1972, he recorded Bill Anderson's The Lord Knows I'm Drinking , which became a No. 1 country hit for Decca Records. In 1974, Smith scored with Country Bumpkin, which became the Country Music Association's song and single of the year and the Academy of Country Music's song of the year.

Don Wayne wrote Country Bumpkin, after being critiqued by a publishing industry professional as being too country: Nobody wants to hear about that frost on the pumpkin, was the criticism. Wayne wrote of a man who met a woman who teased him, "Hello, country bumpkin/ How's the frost out on the pumpkin?"

"And then the story just unfolded," Wayne told author Philip Self in Guitar Pull: Conversations With Country's Legendary Songwriters. "I thought to myself, 'Man, I've stumbled on to a hit song here.' But after thinking about it further, I thought, 'This could be more than a hit song. This could be a great song, if I write what I'm seeing.'"

Wayne wrote what he was seeing, and Smith's vocal on the song was relaxed and authentic.

Here it is, the Contry Bumpkin:

Yeah, it's maudlin, cry-in-your-beer country. What a great voice, though.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Dying Beauty

Outside, just now, when I went to bring the garbage bin back down from the street:

Saturday, July 27, 2013

J.J. Cale, 1938-2013: R.I.P.


J. J. Cale, a musician and songwriter whose blues-inflected rock influenced some of the genre’s biggest names and whose songs were recorded by Eric Clapton and Johnny Cash among others, died on Friday in La Jolla, Calif. He was 74.

Mr. Cale suffered a heart attack and died at Scripps Memorial Hospital around 8 p.m. on Friday evening, a statement posted on his Web site said.

He is best known as the writer of “Cocaine” and “After Midnight,” songs made famous when they were recorded by his collaborator, Eric Clapton.

A multi-instrumentalist, Mr. Cale often played all of the parts on his albums, also recording and mixing them himself. He is also credited as one of the architects of the 1970s Tulsa sound, a blend of rockabilly, blues, country and rock that came to influence Neil Young and Brian Ferry, among others. He won a Grammy Award in 2007 for an album with Mr. Clapton.

“Basically, I’m just a guitar player that figured out I wasn’t ever gonna be able to buy dinner with my guitar playing,” Mr. Cale told an interviewer for his official biography. “So I got into songwriting, which is a little more profitable business.”

Click the link to read the rest.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sometimes the Guy With the Scythe...

...just won't take no for an answer:

Two women who were rescued Tuesday evening on the Maine coast after getting lost while hiking died a short time later when they accidentally drove into an ocean cove amid fog and rain.

Amy Stiner, 37, of Machias, Maine, who was five months pregnant, and her friend Melissa Moyer, 38, of Sunbury, Pa., were found inside Stiner's Dodge minivan about 10 p.m., Washington County Sheriff Donnie Smith told the Associated Press. A dog inside died.

Smith said Stiner drove down a boat ramp at the end of a dead-end road about an hour earlier and into Pond Cove, which empties into Englishman Bay. It was foggy and raining heavily at the time.

"They called on the phone that they were in the water and the car was filling up. Then the phone went dead," Smith said.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

They Just Needs More Free Stuff Paid For With Tax Dollars

That'll keep 'em from killing each other, sure.

There's one killed and another injured among the Usual Suspects™ down in Chester, SC:

It was supposed to be Tee Sanders' 17th birthday celebration —the last big bash her mother would throw her before she started her senior year in high school. It ended in gunfire and tragedy early Sunday when Tee Sanders' best friend —her "brother"— was gunned down near her front yard.

Kendall Maureece Culp, 18, of Chester, died sometime after 12:30 a.m. when shots rang out at 786 Old York Road, where about 100 teenagers gathered for a birthday party that started Saturday night and went past midnight.

To be fair to the people at the scene, I should mention that they had adult chaperones on site and actually announced a curfew point. It apparently got out of control when the numbers at the party grew beyond those originally invited to include friend of friends; also, no effort seems to have been made to check arrivals for weapons.

What caused the shooting, then? According to one of the chaperones, it was the government's fault: With no widespread recreational outlets or work programs available for Chester youth, "these are the results," he said.

If that's the case, why is it that you don't see the white youths of Chester killing each other at the same rate? And before you start pointing and hooting about blacks being an oppressed minority, the demographics of Chester, South Carolina are: 62.26 black, 36.37 white, the remainder other races. Whites are the minorities in Chester, yet aren't noted for killing each other in such random fashion. It has to be cultural. Too many single-parent families, too many role models who advocate violence in their music, too few learning moral behavior at home or at church; the fruits of the Great Society have ripened.

update: And here is a another clue to the culture I'm talking about: where a pair of tennis shoes is worth more than a human life.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mysterious Deaths In Boone, NC Hotel Room

That would be room 225 at the Best Western Plus Blue Ridge Plaza.

An 11-year-old Rock Hill boy died in a Boone motel over the weekend, just two months after a couple died mysteriously in the same room.

Police said Jeffrey Lee Williams, 11, was found dead in his room at the Best Western Plus Blue Ridge Plaza. His mother, Jeannie Williams, 49, was listed in critical condition at a Boone hospital Saturday night, but her condition was not known Sunday.

On Sunday afternoon, police said there was no danger to the general public. “The investigation and testing is ongoing,” Sgt. Shane Robbins said in a news release, adding he didn’t expect additional information to be released until Tuesday at the earliest.

Well, they probably didn't die of electrocution, since burns would have been obvious; probably can rule out carbon monoxide poisoning, as a corpse with a bright red face is pretty hard to confuse with any other death than cyanide poisoning. One of the commenters theorizes that the room was used as a meth lab, and there may be something to that. It's also possible that some sort of cleaning chemicals were used on the bedding that affected the sleepers; back when carbon tetrachloride was widely used in dry cleaning, people were cautioned not to dry clean feather pillows/comforters/sleeping bags for fear of lethal fumes. Maybe it's something like that. Or perhaps there is a gas leak into that room through the bathroom ventilator. Hopefully we'll get a follow-up report.

Update: They're reporting carbon monoxide from a gas pool heater.