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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Update: Jack the Ripper Identified By DNA Evidence?

An update to this post from September 6th.

Looks like I was write to qualify my post with a question mark, because the DNA evidence is being challenged as incorrect.

Looks like the scientist involved in the DNA work got some calculations wrong, and is being called out on it. He's standing by his work at the moment, but if he's an ethical scientist he'll be willing to admit a mistake, if mistake it is.

Shipwreck Blog: U-576

Found off the North Carolina coast near Cape Hatteras, along with one of her victims, the tanker Bluefields.

The area in which the U-boat sank was part of the official record, but the ship itself had never been located exactly. Now it has. The location can be seen on Google Earth, if you have shipwreck locations turned on.

Headline of the Day

"MASTER DEBATER: Wendy Davis Attacks Abbott With Dildos."

Sunday, October 19, 2014

From the Collection

My Swiss Army Knives. Those made by Victorinox are on the left, those made by Wenger are on the right. I like Wenger better, but they have been acquired by Victorinox, so their continued future is doubtful. With the plastic-handled ones I always try to buy models without the tweezers or toothpick, which I find annoying. I also have customised a couple of them with blade serrations.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

For Campers & Hikers

Especially those travelling in south Texas: Woods Roamer.

It's a defunct blog, but only recently so. Jim Curtis, this should give you some south Texas reference material when you write your next Grey Man novel.

via Primitivepoint.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Meanwhile, In Lenoir City, Tennessee...

...where I lived for a year in the late 1970's and where I graduated high school from, a woman has been thrown in jail for keeping a messy yard.

Now Lenoir City is not a liberal, latte-sipping enclave of rich elites; it's a small town on the Tennessee River, 30 miles south of Knoxville, and is famous only for the Snail Darter, which prevented a dam from being constructed back in the 1970's when I lived there. These are country people, in other words. Sounds like the citizenry needs to rise up and throw out some politicians and hire a new police chief, one that isn't a shrubbery Nazi.

h/t Amy Alkon.

Headline of the Day

"Obama: Ebola 'SWAT teams' to respond to infections."

Just what we need, more militarized police to kick in people's doors and shoot their dogs. I can just picture it:

"Hey, that guy over there is sweating! He must have a fever! He's got ebola, SHOOT HIM!"

What's next, drone strikes on suspected ebola victims?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Birthday... the US Navy.

Fighting For the Culture

Sometimes it seems that surrendering to secularism and progressivism in US culture is the default answer, but it ain't inevitable by any means.

Hundreds of residents took to a high school football field Friday night to collectively bow down and pray — a massive response to atheist activists’ recent accusations that a local school district is guilty of at least two violations of the separation of church and state.

But the prayer event wasn’t the only noteworthy response to secularists’ complaints, as local resident David Hoover placed three large Christian crosses on land he owns across the street from Licking Valley High School in Newark, Ohio — 10 to 13-foot symbols intended to send a message.

As TheBlaze previously reported, a free speech debate touched off in the city after the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a secular activist group, accused the Licking Valley High School District of violating the First Amendment by allowing high school marching band members to wear T-shirts with the word “salvation” on them during a recent performance.

As the Chik-Fil-A kerfuffle of a couple of years ago showed, Christians and conservatives haven't fully surrendered to the forces of secularism and progressivism, but it takes a lot to motivate people, and the Left is nothing if not persistent.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

For What It's Worth

Ebola: How It Spreads.

Buckle Yourselves In...

...the ride is about to start.

I'm thinking of a couple of things happening in the next month: the outbreak will get bad enough that it will cause an election massacre of the Democrats, who will be held to blame for allowing the outbreak to begin; or a conspiracy theory will start that President Obama will try to postpone the election for fear of spreading Ebola.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mrs. Backorder

It's sad when a company you have done business with goes downhill. I have been buying knives and other products from Atlanta Cutlery Corporation from the early 1980's. Back then there was no internet or world wide web, and companies like Atlanta Cutlery sold their products through the mail, and once you had ordered from them they would send you catalogs regularly to encourage repeat business. The original owner, Bill Adams, sold whatever captured his fancy, or whatever he saw as a trend in the knife magazines of that period, also the Knives annual that was edited back then by Ken Warner. He also sold knifemaking supplies in a small way, and many a professional knifemaker probabably got his start with blades, handle materials and hardware from Adams's catalog. I made some knives myself from materials from the Atlanta Cutlery catalog; I still have one of them, an Ontario sticker blade with olive wood handles.

Adams sold the business to Hank Reinhardt, and Reinhardt sold it to the current owners, Windlass Steelcrafts of India, the suppliers of the British Army issue Kukris to the Ghurkha regiments. Windlass has changed the focus of the catalog to their own Indian-made products, as is of course their right as the business owner, but their customer service has suffered, along with innovation. While they have a website, the merchandise shown there isn't linked to inventory, so if you try to order online your merchandise is more than likely to be backordered - - and this isn't disclosed at the time of ordering, you'll be informed of it in an email you receive after you place your order. You're encouraged to call the company via its 800 number to make sure that the merchandise you desire is actually in stock.

When you call the 800 number you'll probably talk to an elderly lady I like to refer to as Mrs. Backorder. She will happily take your order, and just as happily inform you that the item you desire is backordered, so you have the choice of ordering and waiting for the item to ship - - from India, via ship - - or canceling your order.

Today I tried to order a Kukri. Now, Windlass Steelcrafts is the sole supplier of these to the Ghurkha regiments, so if anyone is going to have them, it would be Windlass, right? Wrong. Backordered. Likewise with the "antique" Ghurkha Officer's Patch Knife (are they really antique if they can be backordered, or are they manufactured to order?) That was backordered as well. Then I tried the replica German WWI Trench Knife, which I had unsuccessfully tried to order on three previous occasions (backordered), and it was actually in stock! So, a trench knife should be here by the end of next week. Still have to acquire a kukri, though.