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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Nation of Anteaters

"Almost three-quarters of Danish people 'want to ban circumcision.'"

*Imagines ban leading to back-alley circumcisions by Jews and Muslims*

Charles Barkley Slams Blacks For Not Valuing Achievement

"Charles Barkley: ‘Unintelligent’ Blacks ‘Brainwashed’ To Keep Successful Black Men Down."

The Australians have a name for this phenomenon: Tall Poppy Syndrome.

Jack Bruce, 1943-2014: R.I.P.

The bass player/singer for Cream has died of liver disease.

Graffiti Left On Transport Ship Tells a Vietnam Tale

Drawn on canvas racks - - bunks - - that soldiers and Marines travelling to Vietnam slept on.

The White House Guard Dogs

Story from The Navy Times.

You may be familiar with Sunny and Bo, the Obama’s family pets. But meet Hurricane and Jordan, two of the White House’s protectors.

Wednesday night, an intruder scaled the White House fence, but he didn’t get far. He was stopped by Hurricane and Jordan, two members of the Secret Service’s K-9 unit.

The service has been using dogs since 1975, specifically a breed called Belgian Malinois, according to the Secret Service. The dogs are gentle enough to be around children, but they are known for chasing people down. They take off like bullets to subdue suspects, can run up to 30 miles an hour and have a 270-degree field of vision. That’s why many Malinois dogs are used in the military, and one dog was even on the team to take down Osama Bin Laden.

Secret Service dogs, in particular, must complete 20 weeks of training with handlers before they can report for duty. On average, the dogs work until about age 10.

Click the link to read the rest.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nassssty Black Paint All Gone

I have a Cold Steel Trail Hawk and a Becker BK5 knife (made by Ka-Bar) that came from the factory with black paint on the steel: the hawk just a single layer of glossy black, the Becker with a well-executed baked-on finish. Both of them had the paint removed early this morning, I'm happy with the results:

I think that the hawk needs a leather thong wrapping around the handle for a better grip.

The Most Transparent Administration In History... withholding so many documents in the Fast & Furious gunwalking scandal that it takes a document 1,323 pages long just to list them all.

Former CBS reporter extraordinaire Sharyl Atkisson continues to do the reporting on Fast & Furious that the MSM won't do.


The Sergeant-At-Arms of the Canadian Parliament returns to work this morning to receive a standing ovation from the grateful MP's:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Congratulations To Wilmington, NC...

America's #1 Riverfront City.

Gallery here. Why they didn't include a pic of USS North Carolina (BB-55) is baffling.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Update: Jack the Ripper Identified By DNA Evidence?

An update to this post from September 6th.

Looks like I was write to qualify my post with a question mark, because the DNA evidence is being challenged as incorrect.

Looks like the scientist involved in the DNA work got some calculations wrong, and is being called out on it. He's standing by his work at the moment, but if he's an ethical scientist he'll be willing to admit a mistake, if mistake it is.

Shipwreck Blog: U-576

Found off the North Carolina coast near Cape Hatteras, along with one of her victims, the tanker Bluefields.

The area in which the U-boat sank was part of the official record, but the ship itself had never been located exactly. Now it has. The location can be seen on Google Earth, if you have shipwreck locations turned on.

Headline of the Day

"MASTER DEBATER: Wendy Davis Attacks Abbott With Dildos."

Sunday, October 19, 2014

From the Collection

My Swiss Army Knives. Those made by Victorinox are on the left, those made by Wenger are on the right. I like Wenger better, but they have been acquired by Victorinox, so their continued future is doubtful. With the plastic-handled ones I always try to buy models without the tweezers or toothpick, which I find annoying. I also have customised a couple of them with blade serrations.