Friday, March 09, 2007

New Edged Tool Arrives!

A Bark River Woodland. A2 steel and handle scales of bone, jigged to resemble stag. A2 is a nice old tool steel, it will take a patina and even rust if you don't care for it. Bone jigged to resemble stag is an old cutler's trick, this is one of the better efforts you'll see, it's possible that the Bark River people did it with CNC machines. The sheath is a little too heavy for the knife, and a little too small, too. The knife should slide easily into and out of the sheath; this one must be forced in or out, thus making it damned dangerous. I'm willing to bet that Bark River uses this sheath for all the knives of this pattern, not taking into account diffent handle materials; I'm betting that this knife of mine has thicker handle scales than if it had Micarta scales.

$108.00, all told. Nice knife.

UPDATE: after soaking in water for several hours to soften the leather, I put the knife in the sheath and wet-molded the sheath to the knife. This is the technique used by holstermakers to custom fit guns, and is called boning. I'm happy to say that after the boning, the knife and sheath are better matched now, and I'm much happier with the sheath.

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