Thursday, November 25, 2010

Survival Blog: 50 Days Adrift In The Pacific Ocean

In the same sort of boat you might fish from at your local lake or river.

They were lucky. They apparently didn't have any flotation gear if the boat sank, nor did they stock any survival gear for the situation they found themselves in. They lived off of a few fish and a seagull that they managed to capture. Presumably they're poor, which is why they'd go to sea without sufficient provisions or survival gear. They'd best invest in some or not go to sea again, because they can't count on fortune smiling on them this way again.


Anonymous said...

They were involved in a sporting event and got off track and drifted out to say, they werent planning this "adventure", hence the reason they didnt have safety equipment.

Anonymous said...


Bob said...

@Anonymous: Any boat going out into the open sea needs to have basic safety and survival equipment. Period.