Saturday, December 20, 2014

Survival Pouch

This is something I carry on my belt when I'm not at work:

Shown in the picture are a compass, knife, whistle, butane lighter, and four home-made fire starters. The fire starters are made by impregnating cotton balls with Vaseline, then inserting them into plastic drinking straws and sealing the ends shut by melting and pinching with pliers. All of this fits into an Altoids tin, which slides into the leather pouch shown, the pouch positioned on my belt above my left hip/buttock. For those of you who carry a pistol and magazine pouch, this still leaves room for you to do so on your belt. The survival pouch weighs only a few ounces. I use a quality leather pouch from Atlanta Cutlery, but you can just as easily use nylon ALICE or MOLLE pouches. In fact, a slightly larger pouch would allow you to add a mylar Space Blanket, which should be in every survival kit.

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Old NFO said...

Never a bad idea to have the 'minimum' handy...