Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Pure Meanness

Fueled by alcohol and the resulting stupidity, a llama owned by a Union County, NC family is dead, killed by three man-children for the novelty of it.

According to Luke, the three men had been drinking and they said they just wanted to know what it was like to kill an animal.

Should have bought a hunting license, then, and shot a squirrel. Or a deer. Or gone to a slaughterhouse and had one of the workers let you help out with a pig. Now you're going to prison, because you destroyed someone else's private property in an act of cruelty.

One the three men - - Bray - - has a previous criminal record, for drugs and assault on a female. The other two aren't in the NC database.

This is where adult corporal punishment is indicated, if we still had it in the US. Give these men each a dozen lashes on their back with a whip and they'll likely not offend again, and the taxpayer doesn't have to fund the period in prison that they'd be subject to otherwise. All finished in a half hour, except for restitution, repaying the cost of the killed animal.


Old NFO said...

I feel for the llama and horsewhipping SHOULD be brought back... Sigh

Murphy's Law said...

I'm thinking that the three should be sent to Africa and forced to help fight Ebola alongside of our Airborne troops that Obama sent.