Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Even Gun Rights Allies Get Gun Details Wrong

Prager University, which is a website sponsored by conservative commentator/radio host Dennis Prager, features 5-minute videos on a variety of current events topics as well as basics of US history and theory of government that were formerly taught to children in civics classes. They are a great resource for becoming informed beyond the level of total ignorance, which the typical American educated in public schools all too often is. Having said that, Prager University is as likely to mess up important details on certain areas of knowledge as any mainstream media outlet is.

Here is an example from Prager University's latest video, "Build the Wall," hosted by Charles Krauthammer. At one point in the discussion, reference is made to a "silver bullet" that will solve all of the immigration problems in the US, and a graphic of a "bullet" flies accross the screen:

See the error? That's not a bullet, but an entire cartridge - - casing, bullet, and all, displaying for all the world that the artist who made the graphic hasn't a clue about how guns work.

Here's the video so you can watch it yourself:

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