Friday, February 26, 2010

Food Review: Elwood's Music Hall, Pineville, NC

We ate at Elwood's Music Hall in Pineville, NC this evening. It advertises as a combo restaurant/bar/music hall:

We were given a table in the bar area just inside the entrance. Too dark at 5 p.m., not much in the way of lighting. I'm not a big fan of having to eat by flashlight, so we made do as best we could.

Sara ordered fried turkey, I ordered BBQ brisket. My sides included fried corn and onion rings:

Onion rings were fresh and beer-battered, not too bad; not enough onion flavor for my taste, but at least they weren't frozen rings out of a bag. Fried corn was good, seemed almost like a corn chowder or creamed corn. The brisket was a bit fatty but was cooked properly. Elwood's offers four different BBQ sauces: a red tomato-based sauce, a hot tomato-based sauce, a thin mustard-based sauce, and a vinegar-based NC-style sauce. I also tried some of Sara's fried turkey, it was also good. The sign on the doors advertised Charlotte favorite Don Dixon as the musical guest at the place tonight. (Dixon was actually sitting in the bar, but I didn't realize this until seeing his picture on the website just now).

As for a rating, on this first visit I'll give Elwood's Music Hall a 3 out of 5: 3 out of 5: average; reasonably good food, moderate effort by staff/management. We'll try them again in the future, see how some of the other dishes taste.

Update, 21 May 2010: Elwood's has closed.


wally said...

I gained five pounds just looking at the photo.

Bob said...

@wally: wait until you see the photos from our Saturday excursion, just completed. We're trying out the BBQ places on the NC Barbecue Society Historic Trail, we've already eaten at three of them. Today we were at Carolina BBQ in Statesville, NC.