Thursday, December 09, 2010

Weather Decks Are Secured Due To High Winds and Heavy Seas

A Greek-owned cruise ship required assistance when it ran into heavy seas during an Antarctic cruise near the South Shetland Islands:

Back in my Navy days I'd get a little nervous in sea conditions like this, but I knew that my shipmates were well-trained professionals who would have my back in an emergency; the same can't be said of the typical cruise ship crew, and that's presuming that the ship even has required emergency gear onboard.


Murphy's Law said...

Green water over the decks, fore and aft... I think I'd be moving my luggage, some food and water, and the hottest gal on the ship into one of those lifeboats.

Bob said...

@Me: It's possible you'd have to fight the crew over the lifeboats. It's summer down there in the southern hemisphere, but that water still looks mighty cold to me.

Borepatch said...

Every now and then I think on the fact that the only continent I haven't been to is Antarctica, and wouldn't it be cool to go there?

Then I see something like this, and think on the Roaring Forties. And it's summer - presumably the best weather you're likely to find. Yikes.

Murphy's Law said...

@Bob: Well DUH. That's why I always travel with at least one gun.

Well one of the reasons.

Bob said...

@me: The cruise ship is in the Antarctic region. To get a gun down there, you'd have to pass through the security apparatus of several countries, many of which have far more Draconian gun control policies than the USA does. Are you really trying to tell me you're still going to have a gun at your arrival on the cruise ship?