Thursday, December 09, 2010

Money Where the Mouth Is

Ya know, I really wish that when some rich bastard goes on Larry King or whatever other softball interview show whining that he makes just too much money and he really wouldn't mind if the government would tax him a bit more, that the host would have the balls to challenge him on it, saying something like, Well, gee, Mr. Warren Buffett, why don't you just dust off that checkbook of yours and write the government a big, fat check without the Congress having to change the IRS rates? No one is stopping you; they might even let you designate where the money can go. If you spend enough on the Navy, for example, maybe they'll name a ship after you. Spend it on the Interior Department, maybe they can name a national park or national forest after you. Pony up, if you feel that you aren't contributing enough. I'll just sit here and wait while you write the check.

But ya know, it seems that the billionaire in question never dusts off that checkbook, does he?

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Joe said...

I've often thought the same thing. There's nothing stopping them from writing a check out to the Treasury Department.

Of course, Buffet neglects to mention that his fortune is going to the Bill Gates foundation where it can't be taxed.