Monday, May 12, 2014


Mora Bushcraft:

Made in Sweden, Mora knives represent one of the best knife values available anywhere. They are well made, they are sharp right out of the factory, and they are inexpensive compared to other knives. This one, purchased at Amazon, cost $27. It has a molded rubber handle and a hard plastic sheath, in this case a bright orange that is nearly impossible to lose, no matter where you might drop it. The synthetic rubber handle and stainless steel blade are impervious to being contaminated by animal blood and guts if the knife is used for cleaning game. They are easy to keep sharp, with a Scandi (Scandinavian) grind that incorporates the necessary sharpening angle into the blade itself: just lay the knife down on the stone so that the ground area is flat against the stone's surface, and your perfect sharpening angle is established.

This one comes with interchangeable belt carriers, one a loop style that is threaded through a belt, the other a clip style that can be clipped onto a belt or other object, e.g., strap of a backpack, gear harness, etc.

Mora. Try one.

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