Sunday, May 25, 2014

Gun Control Works! He Complied With the Law!

The Santa Barbara County, California Sheriff reports that the gunman who killed all those people in California had passed all the necessary background checks and was using California-legal 10-round magazines.

During a May 24 press conference on Elliot Rodger's shooting spree in California, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said the guns Rodgers possessed "were legally purchased," which means he went through a background check, and that he used 10-round magazines.

President Obama and other gun control advocates also pushed to reduce legal magazine capacity to 10 rounds following the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary, suggesting smaller magazines would dissuade mass murderers. However, Breitbart News has repeatedly reported that, if magazines held fewer rounds, criminals would simply buy more magazines to commit their heinous acts.

On May 24, Sheriff Brown suggested that Rodger had done just that, as police found a total of 41 "loaded 10-round magazines" in Rodger's car.

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