Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Obama White House Staff: Frankly, He Makes Things Worse...

...ever time he opens his mouth.

The problem is the White House no longer believes Obama can bridge divides. They believe — with good reason — that he widens them. They learned this early in his presidency, when Obama said that the police had "acted stupidly" when they arrested Harvard University professor Skip Gates on the porch of his own home.The backlash was fierce…

If Obama's speeches aren't as dramatic as they used to be, this is why: the White House believes a presidential speech on a politically charged topic is as likely to make things worse as to make things better. It is as likely to infuriate conservatives as it is to inspire liberals. And in a country riven by political polarization, widening that divide can take hard problems and make them impossible problems.

Pretty sad, when your only acknowledged skill is making speeches. Click the link to read the rest.

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