Friday, April 24, 2015

Veterans Spat Upon By University of Florida Fraternity Students


Facebook statement from the University of Florida.

Statement from Zeta Beta Tau fraternity.

To all my fellow veterans: Mark down the date of the incident so that the next time some leftist prick tries to claim that the Left is patriotic and doesn't do such things (and didn't do them after Vietnam), you can point them to this story.


Old NFO said...

I swear they need a few vets to 'visit' them about 0300...

Borepatch said...

This needs to be filed under "WTF?"


Greg Tag said...

I am appalled. I am angry. I am almost despondent- how have we produced a generation of self-obsessed, narcissistic brats for whom nothing is sacred and nothing worthy of respect?

The despondence doesn't win however - I think of the young men I teach and train with. One left the USMC about 8 months ago as a SSG, after spending his "college years" in Anwar and Helmland and other dirty and dangerous places, and bearing the burdens and responsibility of being a squad leader in combat. He is a part-time instructor- finishing college and I can vouch that the Corp's loss is the medical professions gain. Another Devil Dog colleague has an ankle literally bolted together from a too-close RPG, he continued to lead and direct his pinned-down squad one footed for hours before evac. Chesty Puller would be proud. Another is 24 year old former Army Infantryman who has burn scars from shoulder top down his back from hot 7.62 brass that got stuck under his armor- asked about it he replies " my guys needed covering fire more than I needed to get the hot brass from under my shirt, didn't have time to stop." Another Army Infantryman colleague is 60 per cent deaf - one IED too many and too close.

These (fairly) young men have picked up the guidon and are carrying it forward. They are young men who volunteered, took the oath and went in harms way, like others before them, but as representatives of a generation we should focus on THEM the good ones, the worthwhile ones like these.

As for the Tappa Kegga Brew frat boys - they have no concept of shame. Id like to give them each one a blanket party- but were I judge Id sentence each one of the precious little ... darlings... to carrying bed pans at Walter Reed for a year.