Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Some personal details/interests.

Just so you know what sort of person I am.

Bald, fat, wears glasses, poor as a church mouse. Divorced, never remarried. Two grown children who by now probably can't recall my name.

Spent four years in the US Navy, the happiest years of my life. Should have stayed in and never gotten married, I'd be a much wiser and richer man if I had.

Interests include geology (volcanoes, specifically), knives, guns, history, hiking, music (have a guitar and concertina that I fiddle around with, so to speak), MMORPG's. Anything Navy-related. Politics. Snakes.

Political conservative, but moderate or even liberal on particular issues. Tend xenophobic/misanthropic.

Non-smoker, non-drug-user. Never experimented with such things much. Not much of a drinker, even. Main beverage is Diet Cherry Coke.

I live in the Charlotte, NC, area. Myself, my sister and my mother all live together. My mother is an invalid, and I spend my daylight hours taking care of her needs, my sister taking over in the evenings while I get my few hours of sleep. Family pets include a grey tabby-mix female housecat, now quite old, and a mix-breed Jack Russell bitch. I've kept snakes in the past and may do so again in the future.

I think that's enough for the moment.

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