Monday, April 28, 2008

GTMO Among World's Ten Most Notorious Jails?

According to the Times of London, it is.

Here's the list:

Black Beach, Equatorial Guinea
La Sabaneta prison, Venezuela
Bangkwang jail, Thailand
Camp Delta, Cuba
Diyarbakir prison, Turkey
Mendoza prison, Argentina
Nairobi prison, Kenya
Tadmor military prison, Syria
La Santé prison, France
Carandiru Penitentiary, Brazil

I'm surprised the bastards didn't throw Abu Ghraib in there, too. No prisons from China, North Korea or Russia. None from Castro's Cuba, either. I would have thought that the jails of Columbia would probably qualify, too. No jails from Zimbabwe? South Africa?

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Anonymous said...

I'm assuming that to be notorious, someone has to be able to visit them; not a lot of Amnesty International visitors in North Korea or Cuba, etc.