Friday, April 18, 2008

Putin's GF

OK, you all know the story by now, Russian President Putin apparently has a gymnast girlfriend half his age.

The interesting part of this story is that, in the old KGB fashion that he spent most of his life with, the newspaper that reported the story has been closed down:

The question followed the publication on Thursday of an unusual article in Moskovsky Korrespondent, a Moscow newspaper owned by a former Soviet intelligence officer, which said that Mr. Putin, 56, planned to marry Alina Kabayeva, 24, an Olympic gold medalist in rhythmic gymnastics who has been voted in polls as one of Russia’s most beautiful women. Interfax reported Friday evening that publication of Moskovsky Korrespondent had been suspended “for financial reasons,” according to its parent company, National Media Company.

And at the bottom of the story is this hilarious closer:

The evening news broadcast on the state-influenced television station NTV did not cover the rumor or Mr. Putin’s remarks. Instead, it devoted extensive coverage to Yuri M. Luzhkov, Moscow’s irrepressible mayor, visiting a factory that makes fertilizer from cow manure.

Subtext: It's all bullshit!

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