Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two US Navy Ships Fail Readiness Standards.

Most of the missiles couldn’t be fired, and neither could any of the big guns. The Aegis radars key to the ships’ fighting abilities didn’t work right.

The flight decks were inoperable.

Most of the lifesaving gear failed inspection.

Corrosion was rampant, and lube oil leaked all over.

The verdict: “unfit for sustained combat operations.”

Holy crap, what's going on with the Navy? When I served back in the 80's there was a system called PMS, Preventive Maintenance System, which required that each maintenance job on the ship be logged at regular intervals, and the work inspected by supervisors and signed off, also. Apparently if this system is still in place (and the story indicates that it is), it's being viewed as simply paperwork to be filled out, rather than work to be done.

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