Tuesday, July 22, 2008

National Enquirer Does Journalism

It isn't admirable in its intent or its result, but it's more than the MSM could be bothered to do, which is reprehensible given that John Edwards was a candidate to be president of the US.

The MSM obviously decided after the Clinton administration that delving into a candidate's pesonal life was not to be done, unless it hurt a Republican (e.g., New York Times story on McCain/Lobbyist alleged affair).

I've never been one who agreed that a President's personal life (or a candidate's) is off-limits to questioning, and here's why: I served four years in the Navy, and my work required that I be granted a security clearance. Part of the process of getting a clearance is understanding the risk factors that can cause someone with a clearance to compromise classified material; among these, infidelity and secret sexual kinks were among the worst, because they can be so easily exploited by enemy agents. Thus, when Bill Clinton signaled to the world that he was unable to keep his marital vows, it left him open to such exploits.

Don't think it's rare or no longer common; you can scroll down in this very blog to see the sorry tale of a Brit aide to UK PM Gordon Brown who was compromised by a Chinese security agent. It's as simple as this: if Bill Clinton is willing to compromise White House security in order to receive oral sex, he lays himself open not only to blackmail actions by an enemy agent, but even assassination. This is the primary reason we need mature individuals of sound judgment as our President, and why it's important for rumors to be followed up by the MSM, even if it hurts a Democrat in the process.

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