Monday, August 25, 2008

Chris Muir And Day By Day Need $ Infusion!

I first discovered Chris Muir's delightful comic strip Day By Day and the late lamented Captain's Quarters blog simultaneously, since Cap'n Ed Morrissey featured Day By Day at the top of CQ. When Ed went to Hot Air and took CQ down, I wondered where I would go for my Day By Day fix, and after thinking about it for a short while, and after struggling with Blogger's template, I decided to carry Day By Day myself. I like to think that maybe a few of my 48K visitors (at last count) appreciate being able to read Chris' wonderful comic.

Well, eventually the free beer and free popcorn run out, if the supplies aren't replenished. Chris needs help to keep Day By Day running. He has no day job, DBD is it. He lives and falls with DBD. I'm broke, but won't be Friday, so Chris will receive a donation from me then. If you enjoy Chris' work, follow the link and drop some change in the hat. There's stuff you get for doing so, including Teh Hot Chicknesses that Chris draws so well.

Go already! Here's the link.

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