Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Terminally Stupid" Walking Dead

Kurt Schlichter's opinion, over at Big Hollywood:

The problems with ‘TWD’ come in two flavors. The least annoying – yet still annoying – are the liberal Hollywood assumptions that permeate the stories. The second is the fact that the characters act like such utter idiots that it actually suspends the suspension of disbelief – for example, a “shocking” sequence at the end of the premiere (Caution: Light Spoilers Ahead!) actually caused me to burst into laughter.

One set of annoying liberal assumptions is about religion. Last season, we saw how the brutal wife-beater was – wait for it – one of those crazy born-again types. Naturally, his wife’s version of Christianity in the premiere is a twisted, weird form of it unfamiliar to anyone who actually knows and hangs out with born-again Christians. Her religion only manifests itself when the writers want to creep out the audience with gothic freakiness – and not the good kind. Note that though the story takes place in Georgia, this weirdo appears to be the only one with any kind of pre-existing interest in religion.

Then there’s the stuff about guns. The dozen or so survivors in the little band seem to have plenty of guns. It’s just that the hero and his cop buddy have decided no one else gets to have any. The rationale is that the others are “untrained.” Let’s leave aside the fact that there aren’t a whole lot of Southern folks who don’t know how to shoot – though this band seems nearly entirely urban except for one redneck guy.

The liberal premise is that firearms are to be reserved to an elite is obnoxious – in fact, one key sub-plot in the premiere is that they took the gun belonging to one woman away, and refused to give it back to her even after she was nearly eaten because she was unarmed. I can’t abide a zombie flick that would earn the Brady Campaign’s seal of approval.

Maybe they could solve the training “problem” by actually training the civilians, but that never seemed to occur to the self-appointed leaders. In fact, the two cops don’t seem interested in preparing the civilians at all. Instead, they spend most of their time talking about their feelings. It’s agonizing.

Read the whole thing, as they say.


MauserMedic said...

There's some seriously annoying traits in the show, but the general technical level is so much better than most z-flicks, I watch it anyway. Then my wife gets to listen to me enumerate all the incredibly stupid decision they make.

MauserMedic said...

"decisions", that is.

ASM826 said...

I was more worked up about it.

Anonymous said...

The two police can't do the training. They aren't state certified.

I have the same problem with end of the world scenarios that have characters all still playing by the old rules. In that series, there is a shortage of guns, even though the US army fought a pitched battle in Atlanta and got overrun, leaving all their guns and ammo behind. If there are fewer people around using guns (because the rest are dead of walking dead) then the number of guns per capita goes up, way up.

Also, I don't know why the love triangle is still a big deal. They thought he was dead. No harm done.
Obviously, she is just keeping her options open. Can't hurt to have two gunslinging Protector-providers around.