Monday, October 17, 2011

Why Don't You Just Go Load 16 Tons of #9 Coal, Then, Braggart?

A story about weapons confiscated at the Statue of Liberty.

One boastful Canadian doesn't apparently feel the need for weapons:

"I have two fists - one of iron and one of steel. Who needs Mace?" said a man who identified himself only as Roger, of the Rocky Mountain region of western Canada. He was surprised by the rigorous screening, much like an airport, with screeners asking visitors to take off their belts and shoes.

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Anonymous said... in Madison, WI, an 11 year old boy just stabbed his bigger 14 year old brother with a pair of scissors....they were arguing about household chores.
Seems to me if the 11 year old can get the upper hand on his 14 year old brother.....a very intentional bandit will trump yo "fists of steel"!!!