Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Things You Hear At Hotels, Revisited

*ring ring* (11:15 p.m., no maintenance staff available)

"Front Desk, this is Bob."

"My toilet is overflowing."

"There are plungers available for your use here at the desk."

"Well...um...I really don't know how to use a plunger..."

"Give me five minutes to lock down the lobby and I'll be right up."

This conversation from an adult woman, no doubt with a bachelor's degree in Sociology. Of course, she was blonde...


Mrs. Widget said...

I fear that my response might set you off some..."its your hotel, I'm on vacation."
Though if I understood you were busy and nobody to cover you, I probably would then do it myself."

Bob said...

@Mrs. Widget: I'll do the job if I need to, but I won't volunteer up front. I feel that, if you voluntarily stay in a limited service, economy class hotel, then you shouldn't make too many demands on the staff. There's always some who expect Ritz-Carlton treatment at Motel 6 prices, though.