Friday, December 16, 2011

How Far To Brasstown, NC?

239 miles from my location. A little far to be travelling on New Year's Eve:

A national animal rights group wants a North Carolina man to abandon his famous New Year's Eve Opossum Drop.

The Washington-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals on Thursday said that Clay Logan's event is "cruel and illegal."

Logan, owner of Clay's Corner near the Georgia state line, hosts the parody of the Times Square Ball Drop as a family-friendly and alcohol-free New Year's Eve party.

The opossum is not actually dropped. It's lowered while inside a Plexiglas box.

That sounds like good Southern fun, don't it?

Oh, by the way: Fuck PETA!

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ProudHillbilly said...

Gotta say, not a PETA fan. But also gotta say - I see absolutely no reason to torment animals. And stuffing a wild animal into a clear box and lowering it from a tree has got to be terrifying for it. Which fits my definition of torment.

Windy Wilson said...

Yeah, but it's a MILD torment*, and PETA objected to it because it sounded like it was subjecting the 'possum to the full force and effect of gravitational acceleration at 32 feet per second per second.

*in North Carolina it cannot be said that the July and August heat is a DRY heat as one does in Arizona and Nevada, but that's the association.