Monday, December 05, 2011

When the Story Is Incomplete

"Former CMS bus driver accused of murder in bar fight," reads the headline in The Charlotte Observer, which perhaps gives the impression of working-class women getting involved in a fight that involves more than scratching and hair-pulling. One of 'em probably stole the other girl's boyfriend, you might think to yourself.

You'd be wrong. Tara Servatius, Charlotte's own (and best) muck-raking reporter, supplies the facts that The Charlotte Observer didn't want to share with you: that the bar in question, Hartigan's Irish Pub, is frequented by "butch" lesbians, and the death was probably a gay-on-gay killing. The Observer wouldn't report that because it's not politically correct and doesn't fit their narrative.

MSM bias often is not what is reported, but what is omitted. Much of the 2008 presidential campaign was like that, with every salacious/embarrassing detail involving Republicans trotted out for inspection, while details about Barack Obama were curiously left unmentioned. The same is happening now in the 2012 presidential race, with the MSM so far successful in sliming vetting Michele Bachman, Rick Perry, and Herman Cain. They're also starting on Newt Gingrich. Sarah Palin and other qualified candidates (well, qualified in the sense that Barack Obama was qualified) have also been discouraged from even running by the prospect of the savage "vetting" that Republicans receive and Democrats don't.

The double standard is what it is. It won't change, and Republicans/conservatives/Christians have to get used to it. Having said that, Republicans need to mention it more in interviews; take a page from Hillary Clinton and begin talking of a vast, media conspiracy to slime everyone with an (R) after their name. We've seen Newt Gingrich be successful with such a policy so far this election season. The MSM needs to have their feet held in the fire and called on their double standard.

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TOTWTYTR said...

Ronald Reagan, probably because of his acting background, was very effective at circumventing the MSM and going directly to the people with his message.

That should be easier now that there is an entire alternative media infrastructure out there, newspaper readership is practically gone, and fewer and fewer people view traditional network news.

Soon the MSM will be irrelevant.