Friday, December 02, 2011

Meanwhile, In Wilmington, NC...

...the Spider-Man bandit has held up his last convenience store.

The Wilmington Police Department believes the notorious "Spider-Man" robber who held up convenience stores of cash and cartons of Newport cigarettes with a handgun was killed in October.

Authorities said today that Anthony Lafrance Devone, 41, who was shot and killed Oct. 20, was the masked robber.

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TOTWTYTR said...

Devone, of Wilmington, was found shot to death at Dawson and 14th streets in the Hillcrest public housing neighborhood.

Two days later, police charged Willis Pridgen with first-degree murder in connection with the slaying. Detectives do not believe the Spider-Man robberies contributed to Devone's killing.

A homicide detective I used to know referred to these as a "two fer". One bad guy dead, the other off to prison.