Thursday, October 03, 2013

Back To Work, Geezers!

The European model of social welfare from cradle-to-grave hits the wall:

The legislation is part of a radical shake-up in the Netherlands where Dutch policies to demand something in return for benefits have been cited as inspiration by David Cameron, the Prime Minister, for reform of the British welfare state.

The plans, drafted by Martin van Rijn, a Dutch health minister, would mean that recipients of social care would be "urgently requested" to carry out voluntary work to do something for society in payment for the benefits they receive.

"Loneliness could perhaps be overcome if the elderly helped pre-school children with language impairments improve their reading," his draft legislation, given to the Volkskrant newspaper proposed. "Or a retired accountant in a wheelchair could help out at the local councilï¾’s debt advice service."

Unlike the Dutch unemployed, who can be obliged to do community service, the elderly, disabled or chronically sick cannot be forced to volunteer but local councils, who provide care, will be entitled to ask in an "intrusive manner" to work.

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