Monday, October 07, 2013

Cautionary Tale For Gun Grabbers

When you advocate for the American public to be disarmed, and for the military and police to have a monopoly of force, remember this: the Left won't always be in charge of government, and you could find yourselves targeted as "anarchists" just as easily as Tea Party types can.

RALEIGH The first trial of a “Moral Monday” protester revealed far more than the guilty verdicts that have shaken attorneys and demonstrators still awaiting their court dates.

General Assembly Police Chief Jeff Weaver testified to a murmur of disbelief among the many lawyers attending the Wake County District Court hearing that his 18-officer department had people in this region they labeled “anarchists” and collected intelligence on them.

Weaver did not identify the so-called anarchists, nor did he reveal how many his department considered to fall in that category.

But the chief at the helm of the law enforcement agency that arrested more than 930 people this summer testified that his officers had scanned the many “Moral Monday” rallies with eyes trained for “anarchists.”

On Monday, Weaver declined to elaborate on what kind of intelligence his department collected on the people he and his officers considered to be “against government.”

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