Monday, February 10, 2014

Boy, I Called That One

Back in December when The Walking Dead went on mid-season hiatus, I wrote in my AAR of that episode that if anyone returned to the prison they'd probably find poor Hershel's zombified head. Did I call that one, or not?

The new episode was interesting. The young man playing Carl did a fine acting job in this one, splendidly evoking the image of someone hardened on the outside by horrors, but still a frightened boy inside, very much in need of the love of his mostly lost family.

In practical terms, Carl and Rick need to rest and regroup; they need to gather supplies, possibly find a working vehicle. Both of them are hampered by lack of melee weapons such as Michonne's sword. Even a walking staff would be better than nothing.

I'm always disappointed that there are never any scenes of long-term planning, such as Hey, we should make our way to the coast, a fishing economy is easier to sustain than a farming economy, and if we find the right location, we can both fish and farm. (think NC's Roanoke Island or other coastal islands).

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