Saturday, February 08, 2014

Common Sense Gun Legislation Proposed In Kentucky

"Kentucky: Bill to allow temporary concealed carry for domestic violence victims."

A Kentucky bill that would grant victims of domestic violence a temporary concealed carry permit passed the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday and now heads to the floor for a second reading.

Senate Bill 106 would allow a person protected by an emergency protective order or a domestic violence order to carry, if authorized by the issuing court, a concealed deadly weapon for a 90-day period. Although the bill would fast track the process, those who are granted the short-term status must meet the same requirements as those who obtain a standard carry permit.

First, one must pass a background check from their local sheriff, be photographed and pay a $25 fingerprinting fee. Likewise, the temporary permit would be exempt from being considered a public record.

Since these orders would be processed at the county level, bypassing the state, they could conceivably be granted within a couple of days.

h/t Free North Carolina.

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Old NFO said...

Makes perfect sense, which is why it'll probably NEVER pass...