Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Maurice Bessinger, 1930-2014: R.I.P.

One of South Carolina's most famous BBQ men, famous both for his mustard-based SC barbecue sauce and his unreconstructed Confederate leanings.

His sauce used to be sold locally here in Charlotte in Harris Teeter stores, but got pulled out of political correctness during the period when SC was embroiled in the Confederate Flag controversy. I've eaten at one of his Piggy Park restaurants, found it to be rather mediocre. The mustard-based sauce he is famous for is bright yellow and tasty - - not just on pork barbecue, but also on grilled hamburgers.


SENIOR said...

Ah man, that sucks. Been to one of his places in Columbia. Good food!!!!

Old NFO said...

Yeah, it was good stuff, if you liked mustard based... His stores actually had pretty good burgers too!