Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How Dare He?

A military retiree in UK foils a robbery of a post office.

A FORMER soldier became an instant hero when he bravely foiled a post office raid - just hours after moving into a quiet village.

Gulf war veteran David Creber had popped into the local shop to say hello when a masked raider burst in and flung a jug of petrol over the postmaster.

The thug then pulled out a cigarette lighter and threatened to set fire to terrified Talfyn Harries, 60.

But David, 45 - a veteran of 20 years’ Army service - waded in and punched the robber in the face.

He then ripped the cigarette lighter from his hand and grappled him to the petrol-soaked floor.

The robber's accomplice came to the robber's aid, and the two managed to escape, but the postmaster had activated a silent alarm and the two were caught.

udge David Morris awarded him £250 from public funds and said: “Mr Creber showed outstanding and selfless disregard for his safety by tackling Snaith.”

David said: “I’d moved into the village that day and it was my first time in the post office.

“It was a bit of a shock to get caught up in a violent robbery but I could not stand by and watch it happen.

“It must have been my military training coming back to me but I just thought: ’How dare he?’

“I just couldn’t believe his nerve and I was determined he was not going to get away with it."

Very well done, sir.

Here's a pic of the hero:

David Creber, Hero.

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