Saturday, January 30, 2010


Well, we've been hit by the Winter Storm of 2010, just as much of the midwest and eastern seaboard has. Since this part of North Carolina doesn't see a lot of snow these days (thanks, Global Warming!) it is viewed by the weather weasels with alarm bordering on hysteria. Bread, milk, and beer sail out of the grocery stores; when we visited the Bi-Lo last night, all of the carts were in use and we hand to hunt to find an empty one.

Outside just now I saw some robins hopping around in the snow, no doubt thinking, WTF is up with this? They are in the area now as they transit north, but I guess that they'll have to re-think their decision to head north so early.

We're all snug and buttoned up here; I'm in a jacket because Sara doesn't like paying high electric bills. No worries; we have flannel sheets on the bed and we're both high in body fat, so we'll survive the Snowpocalypse.

Update: Here's a shot from through the front door of Sara's condo:

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