Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On The "Politicized Military."

Bruce Ackerman, described as a professor of law and political science at Yale, views with alarm the politicization of the military.

His thesis points out the change in the military during the last 100 years, in which it went from "nonpartisan" (his description) to strongly favoring Republicans after Vietnam. Ronald Reagan is mentioned, presumably as a bogeyman who brainwashed our military men and women into becoming Republicans. Missing from Ackerman's analysis is the transition of the military from conscription (the draft) to all-volunteer. It is with the advent of the all-volunteer military that politicization set in, as those who held traditional values entered of their own will, and those who held more nuanced values, no longer under compulsion, chose not to serve, again of their own will.

Prof. Ackerman's solution is to set up "a presidential commission on civil-military relations" with the purpose of instituting "a canon of military ethics." Of course, "the canon cannot be the exclusive preserve of the military. The guidelines would have implications for civilian policymakers at the Pentagon, in the White House and on Capitol Hill. Real progress requires both civilian and military leaders to engage in a sustained effort at developing a realistic code of conduct."

Civilian leaders I would presume to be Yale law professors. So the military, according to Prof. Ackerman, needs to be reeducated, I presume peaceably, but with Yale Law Profs you can never be sure.

update: Over at the left-wing UK Guardian, columist Simon Tisdall is using the word coup to describe McChrystal's actions. Looks like the developing MSM meme on this story will be the need to control these wacko right-wing generals and their men.

Funny, when former generals and generals on active duty during the Bush administration (but speaking off the record or anonymously, unlike McChrystal) disparaged the commander-in-chief, it was speaking truth to power. When Obama is in charge, it becomes a "coup" or disloyalty. How soon before we hear accusations of treason?

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