Thursday, September 23, 2010

Forced To Dig Your Own Grave?

I understand the instinct for self-preservation, and how you'd want to prolong your life for as long as possible, but what self-respecting man or woman would let someone force him/her to dig his own grave?

Why wouldn't you just look the bastard in the eye and say Get it over with, fucker. I'm not going to dig.

Let's have a poll. I'm going to phrase this very carefully, so consider the options before making the knee-jerk response, look honestly into your own mind and give the response you'd probably give to the person holding the gun on you:

Could You Be Coerced To Dig Your Own Grave?
Absolutely Not. Shoot me, you can't make me do it.
Yeah, I probably would.
I honestly don't know. I'd rather die bravely, but... free polls


Rev. Paul said...

I'm in the "honestly don't know" category (yes, I voted). I'd like to think that I'd be armed as usual, and wouldn't willingly cooperate ... but there are other variables. Best case, start digging while thinking of a way to draw & fire while the bad guy is distracted.

Anonymous said...

Not only will I not dig my own grave, but I'll do everything in my power to make the bastard who threatened me dig his own.

Carteach said...

Let me see if I understand the question. They person who is going to kill me demands I dig my own grave? He is going to stand there and watch.

Sure... I'll dig. Just long enough to get that five foot pole with a sharpened blade on the end in my hands, and then we might renegotiate the arrangement.

Borepatch said...

Your poll doesn't have a "Fuck No" option.

Murphy's Law said...

I got a shovel now. He may shoot me, but I'm gonna get him.

Anonymous said...

I'd start digging, If It could stall me filling that grave for a bit. Might get a chance to change whose name goes on the headstone. If not, Why die tired? Make the other guy do the work.

- Chris