Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saturday Ramblings

Saturday Sara and I decided to visit Love Valley, North Carolina. Love Valley was created by Andy Barker in 1954; he wanted a Christian community in his native state that looked like a cowboy town from the Old West.

The Wikipedia entry notes that the community is "100% white." Sara and I can vouch for that; we didn't see anyone in Love Valley who wasn't extremely white. To emphasize their whiteness, many of them wore the Confederate Battle Flag either as a clothing device or an accessory; we saw a Confederate Flag horse blanket on one horse, and even saw one bearded rider in a Civil War Confederate Kepi cap. They were very white. Very polite and gracious, too.

There were lots of riders there, apparently the place is a favorite weekend destination for horse owners.

Here's a few pics I took:

We decided to refrain from "dinning" (sic) at the "resturant" (sic) on the principle of if they're sloppy with their spelling, they're sloppy with the food. I'm sure we probably missed a great meal. There was a chili cook-off going on in part of the complex, with vendors and all-you-can-eat chili, but we decided to pass that one by, too, on the principle of lots of very white people and lots of very strong chili don't rightly mix.

There were lots of horses in town, and the resulting excreta had Sara exclaiming every few feet, "Ohmygod, this horse poop stinks. Don't step in it. Ohmygod, this horse poop stinks. Don't get it on you. Ohmygod, this horse poop stinks." I think that it was the horse excreta more than anything else that drove us out of town after only a half hour of investigation.

Love Valley. A fun place if you like horses. And if you're white.


Rev. Paul said...

That very interesting, but I think (like you) I'd have remained on high alert, and left after a minimum of exploration.

wv: whorm = the crittur that leaves a whorl behind.

Dan said...

I live about 40 miles from Savannah, GA. I've lived in New Jersey, Virginia, Canada, Kansas, Texas, Massachusetts, Japan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Visited several other places, too -- Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Korea, the Azores. Visited or drove through almost all the US States including Alaska and Hawaii, all along I70, I10, I95, I75, I35 and an untold number of blue highways.

A few months ago, situations found me in Connecticut.

I've never seen so many white people before in my whole life.