Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Man Makes a Solid Middle-Class Salary...

...and yet still can't refrain from being a thug:

DURHAM -- A Durham firefighter faces 43 charges after he was caught robbing a Dollar Tree story Tuesday night wearing a Green Goblin type mask.

Damon Antonio Quick, 35, a firefighter since 2003, has been placed in the Durham County jail under a $9 million bail.

He is also a suspect in the theft of about $1,200 from individual firefighters, officials said at a news conference Wednesday morning.

Quick resisted arrest Tuesday night and suffered minor injuries, Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez Sr. said.

He is charged with

• 19 counts of second-degree kidnapping

• 11 counts robbery with a dangerous weapon

• 2 counts of attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon

• 7 counts of assault by pointing a gun

• 2 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and

• 2 counts of communicating threats

Quick, whose current salary is $40,428, is also charged with committing seven other robberies. In all cases, the robber was wearing a Green Goblin style mask, dark clothing and a hoodie and had a gun, police said. Many of the robberies occurred around closing time for the businesses.

Thug makes almost twice what I do, and still can't refrain from violent crimes. Dark clothing and hoodie, huh? Probably looked a lot like Trayvon Martin, then. Doubtless if President Obama had a son he'd look a lot like this thug.


Anonymous said...

What is 2nd degree kidnapping? He tried to kidnap; but couldn't retain the victim? He grabbed somebody but was stopped? WTF is 2nd degree kidnapping?
Did he get some chicks to go for a ride? And then they said no and he dumped them in the wilderness?


TOTWTYTR said...