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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where Flags Go To Die


Don't - - please - - throw an old flag into the trash. If you value it enough to fly it, then ensure it receives an honorable end by calling the American Legion to dispose of it in accordance with proper flag etiquette.


Anonymous said...

Back when I worked for the People's Dem. Rep. of Md., I almost got into a fistfight w/ a security guard for letting the Colors hit the ground when he was retiring the flags (state & U.S.) in front of the bldg. Told him he could use that state flag for a dish rag, but my Dad left blood in the water off Guadalcanal for the Colors, and I would not SEE IT ABUSED BY ANYONE. Rant mode off, thanks. JohninMd(help!)

ProudHillbilly said...

Our flag disposal was a few days ago, done with fifes, drums, and dignity.

og said...

We have a good scout troop nearby who used to do it, but they don't anymore. Then I discovered they have a flag disposal box at the Ace Hardware.

Borepatch said...

Here in Georgia, the American Legion has collection boxes at the supermarkets. They look like mailboxes.