Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jesse Ventura's Evil Twin

We'll call the evil twin "Scruff Face."

A lawyer for the ex-Navy SEAL sniper who is being sued for defamation by Minnesota's former governor over an alleged punch argued Tuesday, Dec. 18, that in order to claim punitive damages, Ventura must prove the former SEAL didn't punch someone who "looked and acted like Ventura."

John Borger, the attorney representing former SEAL and best-selling author Chris Kyle, told a federal magistrate that Ventura has to prove Kyle fabricated the story about the punch and knew it was false when he stuck it in his book.

Ventura's lawyers haven't shown that Kyle knew his statement was false, Borger said.

"They can't rule out the possibility there was a Ventura impersonator," Borger told U.S. Magistrate Arthur Boylan in the pretrial hearing in federal court in Minneapolis.

Lawyers. They fuck everything up, don't they?

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JohninMd.(help!) said...

Yes. Yes, they do!!