Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yer Science Experiment of the Day

Which are hit more often in the road by motorists: snakes or turtles?

Speaking for myself, I try to avoid all reptiles, even venomous snakes. I've even rescued a turtle or two, if I'm on a quiet back road. How about a poll?

Do You Swerve To Miss Reptiles? free polls 

h/t The Anchoress.

saw this comment in a follow-up:

if you want to save the turtles, start making foam replicas that have large steel spikes inside and leave on the center lane. when enough people blow their tires on turtles they are trying to kill they will stop running them over. nobody tries to squash a deer with their car. I d wonder though if some people running over turtles are just bad drivers. look at all the highway patrol officers stopped on the side of the road giving tickets or assisting drivers that have cars slam into them.

Caltrop turtles!

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