Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Law-Abiding Arizona Gun Owner Nabs Bank Robber


A gun-carrying man in Flagstaff, Ariz. is being credited with helping stop a bank robbery suspect — but he never even had to pull out his gun.

Dave Young was driving up to the Arizona Central Credit Union branch when he saw a friend’s son trying to stop a man jumping over a fence.

Young says he quickly confirmed a bank robbery had occurred and took off after the two in his vehicle.

The Arizona Daily Sun reports Young caught up with the pair and placed his hand on his sidearm, showing the suspect that he was armed. He didn’t pull his gun — but he was ready if he needed to.

Young called 911 and police took the suspect, later identified as 32-year-old Joshua Nesmith, into custody.

“I provided cover for him. If the suspect had tried to pull a weapon I could have stopped him,” Young said. “I told him don’t move. I looked him over for weapons and visually inspected the suspect, then called 911.”

In Arizona, gun owners can carry a concealed or exposed weapon without a permit or training. Young says he’s held a concealed carry permit since 1998. He also said carrying a firearm is the responsibility of able-bodied, law-abiding men.

Carrying a concealed weapon legally without a permit or training, as can now be done in several states, is often called "Constitutional Carry" by gun owners. I hope the practice spreads.


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