Sunday, June 23, 2013

They Just Needs More Free Stuff Paid For With Tax Dollars

That'll keep 'em from killing each other, sure.

There's one killed and another injured among the Usual Suspects™ down in Chester, SC:

It was supposed to be Tee Sanders' 17th birthday celebration —the last big bash her mother would throw her before she started her senior year in high school. It ended in gunfire and tragedy early Sunday when Tee Sanders' best friend —her "brother"— was gunned down near her front yard.

Kendall Maureece Culp, 18, of Chester, died sometime after 12:30 a.m. when shots rang out at 786 Old York Road, where about 100 teenagers gathered for a birthday party that started Saturday night and went past midnight.

To be fair to the people at the scene, I should mention that they had adult chaperones on site and actually announced a curfew point. It apparently got out of control when the numbers at the party grew beyond those originally invited to include friend of friends; also, no effort seems to have been made to check arrivals for weapons.

What caused the shooting, then? According to one of the chaperones, it was the government's fault: With no widespread recreational outlets or work programs available for Chester youth, "these are the results," he said.

If that's the case, why is it that you don't see the white youths of Chester killing each other at the same rate? And before you start pointing and hooting about blacks being an oppressed minority, the demographics of Chester, South Carolina are: 62.26 black, 36.37 white, the remainder other races. Whites are the minorities in Chester, yet aren't noted for killing each other in such random fashion. It has to be cultural. Too many single-parent families, too many role models who advocate violence in their music, too few learning moral behavior at home or at church; the fruits of the Great Society have ripened.

update: And here is a another clue to the culture I'm talking about: where a pair of tennis shoes is worth more than a human life.

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