Thursday, October 16, 2014

Meanwhile, In Lenoir City, Tennessee...

...where I lived for a year in the late 1970's and where I graduated high school from, a woman has been thrown in jail for keeping a messy yard.

Now Lenoir City is not a liberal, latte-sipping enclave of rich elites; it's a small town on the Tennessee River, 30 miles south of Knoxville, and is famous only for the Snail Darter, which prevented a dam from being constructed back in the 1970's when I lived there. These are country people, in other words. Sounds like the citizenry needs to rise up and throw out some politicians and hire a new police chief, one that isn't a shrubbery Nazi.

h/t Amy Alkon.


Old NFO said...

That it does... And thanks for the link to the book. I hope you're enjoying it!

Bob said...

@Old NFO: Jim, I finished the book the day after I bought it. :) I've left the link up on my "currently reading" as encouragement for my readers to look at it.