Thursday, October 09, 2014

Meanwhile, Over At CNN...

...the hosts are touchingly concerned about the President's health:

Could the government be keeping a dose of Z-Mapp in reserve incase President Obama gets Ebola? CNN’s Erin Burnett really wants to know. The CNN host posed that question to guest Dr. Alexander van Tulleken. Burnett also asked van Tulleken if the medicine or even a blood transfusion could have saved the life of Thomas Eric Duncan.

“Now, what about the Z-Mapp itself. We’re told there’s just none of it left, and a lot of people say ‘well, of course there’s gotta be some of it left.’ If the President of the United States had Ebola, surely there would be a Z-Mapp dose for him?” asked Burnett.

*starts singing Save the Last Dose For Me.*

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