Monday, October 06, 2014

Victor Davis Hanson: Fantasy Island

Professor Hanson notes how President Barack Obama lives in a place where what has taken place in the world and what takes place in the President's rhetoric are two very different places.

In the make-believe world of Barack Obama, the American financial system melted down hours before he took office due to the crimes of others. He then quickly saved it, and devised an economic plan that has made Americans far better off than when he entered office. Obama next went on to revolutionize the energy sector to lower gas and electricity prices, brought stability to Iraq only to see it destroyed by others, and crafted a unique outreach to the Islamic world that has lessened the threat of violence and cooled passions in the Middle East. The net result, as the president reminds us, is a more secure, quieter world than anytime in history and unprecedented good economic times at home.


(earlier in the piece Prof. Hanson makes a common error of usage when he mistakes a tenet for a tenant:

) John Brennan not only trashed his former boss George W. Bush, but also in a series of astounding statements over the next few years assured us that jihad was a normal, peaceful tenant of Islam and the idea of an Islamic effort to recreate the caliphate absurd.

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Kevin said...

WRT "Tenet / tenant," I'd be inclined in Prof. Hanson's case to blame either autocorrect or his editor.