Thursday, January 03, 2019

I Wonder Which Would Have a Higher Body Count?

I'm pondering which would likely have the higher body count: a civil war to prevent the US from becoming a Communist country, or peacefully allowing the US to become a Communist country, with the body count coming down the line as Communism works its usual murderous magic?

A civil war at least has the advantage of killing Communists from the get-go, and possibly killing enough of them that they're never able to rise again. Letting Communism take hold peacefully will result in the death of the US we (the deplorables, the rurals, the white trash, the flyovers, call us what you will) grew up loving, with ourselves marked for gulags and firing squads by the Communist urban dwellers.

And yeah, I'm not willing to call them just Democrats or Liberals or Progressives or Democratic Socialists any more. They're fucking Communists, and we need to start calling them this - - even their propaganda wing, the journalists of the MSM. Fucking. Communists.

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