Thursday, September 18, 2008

Turkey: Hotel Horndog

The manager of the Image Hotel in Marmaris, Turkey, has fired all her male employees because they kept having sex with British female guests.

The manager, Pelin Yucel, has replaced the fired male workers with women.

So, British men (and lesbians), the Image Hotel in Marmaris, Turkey, is your place to go for all-female staff.

Presumably if this doesn't work out Ms. Yucel will be advertising for eunuchs.

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Anonymous said...

Marmaris is an incredible liberty port!

I rented a 45 foot sailboat for less than a hundred bucks. Included all the beer we could drink and lunch.

For the randy, there is apparently a "Compound". I never considered going, but heard the stories. (I preferred beer and great food over catching an unpronounceable affliction)