Tuesday, September 30, 2008

UK: New Bust Of Lord Nelson Unveiled In Portsmouth

Based on a life mask, and showing the battle scars carried by the naval hero.

I was able to visit Portsmouth back in the early '80's courtesy of the US Navy on two different occasions. Both times we tied up in the dockyard next to HMS Victory itself, which wore a courtesy US flag at the mainmast to honor our visit. It's hard not to feel a shiver or two when touring the Victory and entering the orlop deck where Nelson died.

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Triton said...

I havent seen the HMS Victory yet but in 2002 I was in London and dragged my girl to Greenwich. Foot in each hemisphere and all that. Noticed the Naval museum and went in. Awesome place and the topper was Nelsons uniform, bullet hole and blood. His sword and otherpersonal effects. It just transported me and brought it all to life.