Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'll Pass On The "Beef" Lo Mein, Thanks

A Chinese restaurant in Hamburg, New York, has been closed down after employees were seen butchering a deer in the kitchen.

A witness tells us he saw an oriental man dragging the deer inside.

"I watched him drag it across the parking lot and he dragged it through the front door of the China King Restaurant. I said this is just not right, so I called Hamburg Police and reported it. Sure enough by the time they got there, they said that he had the deer almost all butchered inside the restaurant."

Personally I don't object to eating deer meat, but something like this falls into the realm of unsanitary food preparation and deception by a restaurant owner, because it's obvious that the deer was going to be advertised as something else...

...or perhaps not? What if the intent was to simply butcher the deer in the kitchen and take the meat home? I guess that's for a jury to decide, if it ends up going to a trial.

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